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This is the official musicvideo "Infected" by 120 Minds.

It was recorded @ the ‚Theater im Pädagog‘ in Darmstadt. A big thanks to everyone who supported and made this musicvideo with us. Film made by Schnittstelle Film & Media Production Directed by Daniel Siebert Camera by Hans Jürgen Schmitz Steadycam and Special FX by Daniel Siebert Live recorded and mixed and mastered by Volker Herms Creepers by Daniela Sawetzki & Dennis Mitbrodt

Produced by Kamran Inaiat

Band Perfomance
Guitar and vocals by Kamran Inaiat
Bass by Ferhat Catay
Drums by Steven Glab
Composition and lyrics by Kamran Inaiat


„Freeze“ is an album by „120 Minds“ which was released in May 2016. It contains nine tracks which are influenced by various styles. Each song tells its own story. You will definitely be able to distinguish between each single track and you will surely find your favorite one.
Even though this album is seen as a demo recording, the quality is quite tolerable. Support us, so one day we will be able to record that shit in a proper studio!

120 Minds Freeze Album Cover

Soundcloud Mix

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  • 16.02.2019 KUZ Hanau
  • 07.12.2018 Honky Tonk Langenselbold
  • 10.11.2018 Motorradclub Obernau Aschaffenburg
  • 15.10.2018 The Cave Frankfurt am Main
  • 28.7.2018 Mühlbergfestival Johannesberg
  • 27.7.2018 Sommerschein Festival Hofheim am Taunus
  • 26.5.2018 Stern eV Aschaffenburg
  • 12.5.2018 Theater im Pädagog Darmstadt
  • 16.3.2018 Ponyhof Frankfurt am Main
  • 3.2.2018 Bessunger Knabelschule Darmstadt

    – 2017 –

  • 28.10.2017 Withbread's Halloween Party im Cafe Kurzschluss Frankfurt am Main
  • 9.9.2017 Goldene Krone Saal Darmstadt
  • 26.8.2017 Festival am kleinen Strand 2017 - No Nation – just People! Kiel
  • 15.7.2017 Das Bett Frankfurt am Main
  • 24.6.2017 Festival am Bach Langenselbold
  • 24.5.2017 Metzgerstraße 8 Hanau
  • 12.5.2017 Brückenkopf Hanau
  • 28.4.2017 Nachtsalon Marburg
  • 18.1.2017 Goldene Krone Kneipe Darmstadt
  • 13.1.2017 JUZ Langenselbold

    – 2016 –

  • 26.11.2016 Oetinger Villa Darmstadt
  • 12.11.2016 Lorbass Gelnhausen
  • 30.10.2016 Nachtleben FFM
  • 29.10.2016 Withbread's Halloween Party FFM
  • 28.10.2016 Steinbruch Theater Mühltal
  • 22.10.2016 Devil's Place Saarbrücken
  • 18.10.2016 Blue Shell Köln
  • 25.6.2016 Festival am Bach Langenselbold
  • 14.5.2016 Art Meets Rock 2 KUZ Hanau
  • 15.4.2016 JUZ Langenselbold
  • 26.3.2016 Jazzkeller Hofheim
  • 27.2.2016 Art Meets Rock Oetinger Villa Darmstadt

    – 2015 –

  • 3.10.2015 KUZ Hanau
  • 6.9.2015 Bürgerfest Hanau
  • 29.8.2015 Festival Rocken Rodgau
  • 11.7.2015 Hafenfest Hanau
  • 4.7.2015 Oetinger Villa Darmstadt
  • 27.6.2015 Café Trauma Marburg
  • 26.6.2015 Metzgerstraße 8 Hanau
  • 29.5.2015 Goldene Krone Darmstadt
  • 10.4.2015 KUZ Hanau
  • 21.3.2015 Teestube Alzenau
  • 3.1.2015 Oetinger Villa Darmstadt

Our Story

120 Minds are Kamran Inaiat, Ferhat Catay and Steven Glab.
Formed by Kamran Inaiat in 2014, the goal was to create and compose his own music and to play it live on stage. Also, he is responsible for the guitar and the vocals while his good old friend Ferhat Catay consented to play the bass and always showed his passion for the band. Steven Glab completed the picture by starting to play the drums for the ‚Minds‘ and giving the music the kick-ass rhythm.
Psychedelic sounds, oriental spheres and hard riffs is the combination which makes the music unique.
You have to see us live on stage to get sure you’ve already searched for us!